Star Dawg, Omega/Okada 2, And A Chicken Waffle Sandwich

Saturdays are for Star Dawg.

I'm still working my way through a tasty 1/8th of Star Dawg. She's been chilling in a curing jar for a bit, and her pungent, terpy funk has ripened up even more. She smells like OG Kush rode in on a horse.

I had a hunch that she might go nicely with a leisurely Saturday afternoon of watching pro wrestling on the couch.

Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada are pretty good at wrestling.

I keep telling you- pro wrestling is about to enter a cultural resurgence in the wake of an internal creative renaissance. And these 2 guys are some of the best in the world. They recently fought for Okada's Heavyweight Championship in New Japan Pro Wrestling. It was a rematch from their previous bout, which Okada won and many people (including revered pro wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer) called the best pro wrestling match of all time.

NJPW is a bit different of a pro wrestling show than WWE. Japan has a deep and fascinating history with pro wrestling, but that's a rambling blog for another day. Important to know here is that Kenny Omega is a gaijin (white guy), and no gaijin has ever won the big one in NJPW. He came close the last time he fought Okada, but he couldn't hit his finisher-- the One Winged Angel-- and seal the deal.  

I packed my first bong load of the day and fired up the match on DailyMotion. 


Well, I didn't realize this thing was a 2 parter when I started. But if you just watch part 1, you'll probably agree that calling it quits at the half way point wasn't an option.

All that Star Dawg worked up a bit of an appetite in me, though, so I figured intermission would be a good time to go for a walk through Nob Hill, smoke a fat joint, and grab a little lunch to bring home for the second half of the match.

Hot Sauce and Panko is a Korean BBQ joint that specializes in chicken and waffles.

There's gotta be some cultural appropriation in there somewhere, and maybe when this Starry D clears up I'll get to the bottom of it. I've got a niece who's headed to Cal Berkeley in the fall, so maybe she can help me figure out who is appropriating what here and we can put some doorknobs in a sack and go fuck them up.

Until that happens though, you should check them out; Hot Sauce & Panko is at 1468 Hyde Street on Nob Hill and it's worth the trip. You can easily wander up from Polk Street or jump a Hyde Street line cable car.

This Star Dawg smokes great in a joint, and Nob Hill is a great neighborhood for smoking bones. Flavorful smoke fills up my chest, lungs, and nose as I walk down the hill. You really taste the terpenes on your exhale, so it's important to stop at the top of your breath and take your time with a full, smooth, deep breath out if you want to get the full flavor of the strain. And with this Star Dawg, you do.

The house specialty is the Goliath friend chicken sandwich, served between 2 waffles with cole slaw and a variety of syrups.

Sold. I don't go to the International House Of Pancakes because I like their soup. When I'm in Rome, I smoke Roman OG. And if you tell me that you think you can make a really good fried chicken and waffle sandwich, well then I double dare ya'.

This sandwich is a real badass motherfucker. It's a lot to deal with. A roller coaster and a thrill ride, but worth every minute. It's hot and spicy and salty and sweet and savory and savage. 

You know what happens when you smoke a lot of Star Dawg? You get really stoned. And today I got not only very stoned but very munchie. I ate that sandwich passionately. I smashed it, gave it everything I had. Every time I thought I couldn't go on, I'd just take 2 puffs of Star Dawg and kick out. Stay in the fight, keep hitting high spots. You know how you eat an elephant? #BiteByBite.

What do you think of that finish?


Omega vs Okada truly is an amazing match to watch, if you're a pro wrestling fan. Nothing here for non-fans. But it's an absolutely masterful performance from 2 beefcakes in their prime. They are great storytellers and they told a great story. 

And when it was all said and done, me and that sandwich had shared a truly beautiful experience. A moment in time that was as poetic as it was primal. Could you say that either of us was a winner or a loser? Hardly. I took a bite out of that sandwich and it took a bite out of me.

Looking forward to Omega/Okada 3.