I've got 5 things to say about Zimmerman


I've got 6 points that I have got to make about Zimmy:

1. I don't know exactly what happened.  I read the newspaper every day (just about) and I watched the highlights from the trial-- but I wasn't there. I wasn't on the Cul-de-Sac and I wasn't even in the courtroom. I got most of my Trayvon news from Fbook and that's not a reliable news source

2. I don't think it is decent to accuse a person of cold-blooded murder from an ignorant platform. Maybe it's just one of those weird

3. I'm not prone to assume that the jury is wrong. In an unrelated matter, the jury is 6 women of unknown racial composition. These women are being accused of Capital Racism. They are being accused of being so racist that they let a murderer walk. That's some heavy shit.

4. It is a serious thing to accuse someone of racism. If you knew a member of this jury personally, would you accuse them being racist. Would you look them right in the eye and call them a bigot?

5. This event is our cultural equivalent to a public stoning.